Ytong block

Ytong block

 Ytong has been successfully developed and implement a building system for more than 80 years, been used in residential and commercial applications.

 One of the main benefits of Ytong is safety. An owner using Ytong blocks creates functional and safe building. another benefit of the Ytong building system is versatilily. Ytong can provide many architectural features that will enhance and project a unique architectural image for the building and its owner. Ytong construction is insect and termite proof. Therefore, the need of expensive treatment costs for insect and pest will be greatly reduced.

The advantages of Ytong include low maintenance costs, good sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation.

Buildings can be constructed quickly and safely using Ytong building systems. The product itself is lightweight; therefore easily handeled. Ytong's workaility is well developed and can be easily performed. Ytong material also produces less waste. By using the right combination  of Ytong products, productivity will be increased. Ytong will reduce the amount of the time spent on job sites due to its ease of handling. Blocks can easily be cut to the required size with a saw. Ytong aerated concrete is made from natural raw materials- sand, lime, cement, water and a small amount of sponging agent (powered aluminium).

In general, there is no end of advantages when it comes to choosing Ytong's products. We build excellence into everything we make, so that it's as good as it possibly can be.