Signature event

The Partnership fund together with the local company Ytong Capital and German company Xella signed an Agreement of new project on the producing of energy-effective construction blocks of Ytong (Ytong) into the manufacture sector. 

Project includes the construction of energy-effective block factory of YtongPartnership Fund
brand (Ytong) near Tbilisi, which will be finished by the end of the summer 2019. And the factory will make first certified product in the end of 2019.

Partnership Fund

The necessary raw material for blocks will be extracted into the Georgia, what gets product competitive on the
market. The block of Ytong is high- technology innovative product, which fully meets
with international standards of construction and is completely ecological, what is issued by the certificates by the European institutions.

Partnership FundConsidering capacity of production, the factory is planning to produce 160 000 m3 wall blocks.

The part of product will be sold in Georgia, and rest part will be exported in Azerbaijan, Armenia and south side of Russia.