Xella Group

კომპანია ქსელაThe Xella is the leader German company which is producing construction and raw materials.

The Xella Group develops, manufactures markets building, insulation materils and dry lining panels.The multipor brand stands for non-flammable mineral insulation boards and with Ursa we are one of Europe's leading manufactures of insulation materials.

Xella resulted from merger between the Duisburg company, Haniel-Bau industrie Gmbh and the Munich company, Ytong AG with Fels-Werke Gmbh in Goslar. Today headquarters are located in Duisburg (Germany).

1929 was the beginning of commercial production of ACC in Yxhult, the first blocks were sold under the name "Yxhults Anghärdade Gasbetong" , from wich the brand name Ytong was derived.

Since then Xella continiued the global expansion in particular, uptodate Xella With 97 plants in 20 countries and sales organizations in more than 30 countries, as well as 6700 employees, Xella is flyng the flag internationally.

Xella products are sustainable both in manufacture and use. They also undergo a process of continious development. Our products therefore make an important contribution to the construction of energy-efficient, high quality buildings and consequently also to environmental protection and the conservation of resourses. Our products have received numerous awards and certificates for their environmentally friendly characteristics.


კომპანია ქსელაThe name of company is associated with the innovative decisions, competence, high quality of products and services, around the world.

For more information about the Xella Group please visit the official website: www.xella.com